GILROY (KRON) – It’s now been more than 72 hours since the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting and those who were there are recognizing the first responders.

Witnesses say as tragic as everything turned out, Gilroy Police saved lives.

It’s been a difficult few days for everyone in Gilroy.

When talking to a couple they said how amazing it was to see Gilroy Police respond like they did.

“One hundred percent, they’re heros.”

Janu Goelz is referring to the officers who responded to the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic festival.

“He was just shooting,” her husband Jason referring to the nearby shooter.

The couple had a wine booth at the Garlic Festival and just as the day was about to wrap up, things took a turn.

“Right after the last song started playing, we started hearing gun shots.”

Instead of running the opposite way, Jason actually went towards the shooter. In hopes of trying to stop him, Janu yelled at her husband. Before Jason could take even 15 steps, Gilroy Police were there.

“They were in tight formation, guns drawn straight,” Jason explained.

Janu felt better knowing Gilroy PD was there in a moments notice.

“It definitely had a calming feeling on me, because the people that were suppose to take care of the situation, were there taking care of the situation. So that to me when I saw them, I felt like help was there.”

The two say it was unlike anything they have ever seen. Officers went straight towards the shooter with no hesitation. Just focused on stopping the threat.

“They saved who knows how many more lives that could of been taken, or how many more people that could of been injured,that if they weren’t there to respond the way they did. It was amazing how quick they responded.”