GILROY (KRON) — A community still reeling from the unthinkable tragedy.

“When these things happen they’re literally unspeakable,” a member of the community said. “It’s like the gap to what we feel and how we can express it is extremely difficult to bridge.”

And not even a week later — three mass shootings.

“You look at the faces of these victims today and that’s not an uncommon site with the victims that we had in our community,” Gilroy Police Captain Joseph Deras said.

The city of Gilroy shares the pain with Texas and Ohio while still trying to work through it themselves.

“They’re frightened and afraid and certainly upset about what happened,” Deras said. “Particularly those who had family members that perished in that event, so unfortunately we’re familiar with what they’re going through.”

“I wish there’s something that we can do as a society that we need to somehow stop this,” a community member said. “You know we can get word out there as people find something within ourselves that we can — why harm somebody else. why bring havoc to other people.”

The Garlic Festival grounds remains a crime scene as investigators sift through about 50 acres of land searching for evidence.

“Officers who were at the scene and have to see this and work through these problems, it really affects them for the length of their careers,” Deras said. “Many, many years most of our staff here have children and families at home that care about them, and to see what they have to see — those are things they can’t unsee.”

An image that will stick for a long time as the community looks to the future.

“It’s a really really deep tragedy and a very very deep sadness and it’s an incredible struggle for everybody,” a community member said. “But it’s also giving us an opportunity to be thankful.”

“Pulling together, definitely,” a community member said. “You know it’s been a tragedy — but Gilroy strong.”