This story has been updated to include a release for the Gilroy Public Works Department.

(BCN) — A water well in Gilroy that tested high for nitrate levels on Thursday evening has been reopened for use following state testing and protocols, the Gilroy Public Work Department said in a statement on Saturday.

A water well in Gilroy tested for high nitrate levels on Thursday evening. The well at Gilman Road and Camino Arroyo was found during routine testing to have 12 milligrams of nitrates per liter, exceeding the maximum contaminant level of 10 allowed under federal drinking water regulations. The cause of the high nitrate level went under investigation, and the well was no longer providing drinking water to any residents.

As of Saturday afternoon The City of Gilroy reports that the water supply is now within all state standards for safe consumption. The City will continue to monitor the levels to ensure the water system is operating safely.

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The incident has been reported to the California State Water Resources Board and all affected residents were contacted, city officials said. Residents were advised to avoid consumption of the water for infants under six months old and pregnant women. City officials said that boiling or filtering the water would not remove nitrates.

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