(KRON) — Just weeks after Google paid millions of dollars to thousands of female employees over discrimination, the tech giant is facing trouble again.

“Google, racism is evil and discrimination is evil,” Ben Crump said.

Crump, a nationally-known civil rights attorney, is speaking on behalf of several current and former Black employees of the Mountain View-based company.

Accusations include Google unfairly policing Black employees while also telling those employees they are not welcome. They say complaints to HR and managers were ignored.

“My chief of staff told me that my Blackness shouldn’t come to work, that I should figure out a way to leave it at home,” said plaintiff Desiree Mayon. “But I look to the sky with my head held high and my fist up. I’m very Black and very proud of being that.”

Google joins Tesla in facing accusations of racial discrimination.

The electric car maker was hit with another lawsuit Thursday alleging racism and harassment at it’s Fremont factory.

The company has denied any wrong doing but is still looking at the potential of paying out millions.

The alleged behavior at both companies may differ in specific accusations, but overall the argument stands: change is needed.

“Google needs to Google racism,” Crump said.