OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — After LeRonne Armstrong was let go from the Oakland Police Department, Darren Allison was named the department’s acting chief.

Allison, along with Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao announced initiatives to improve public safety in Oakland and lower crime rates. Some are unhappy with the mayor’s decision, but other groups are supporting her.

Oakland is a city that’s no stranger to crime and there were violent acts reported over the weekend. The first ones since Armstrong’s firing, but groups like the Anti Police-Terror Project views the firing as a “bold and courageous move.” The Anti-Police Terror Project works to eradicate police terror in communities of color and immediately came out in support of Armstrong’s firing.

Oakland police are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened Friday, after officers reportedly fired their weapons at an armed motorcyclist who had attempted a carjacking.

According to LeRonne Armstrong’s reps, no African American men were shot by police during his time as chief. Armstrong’s accomplishments were celebrated outside city hall Monday.

George Lima, President of Teachers for Change says, “His work was not a job, it was a mission.”

Bishop Bob Jackson, Acts Full Gospel Church tells KRON4, “This man has created the new violent crime operation center, he designed to focus on violent crime reduction citywide using an intelligent led approach.”

As many call for Armstrong to be reinstated, others are trying to move forward with Mayor Thao’s decision. The department continued its sideshow detail over the weekend to decrease the illegal activity.

Acting Chief Darren Allison announced last week that more walking officers will be on patrol. Fifteen new officers will be sworn in during the next three years for business districts in several neighborhoods, including West Oakland.

Cat Brooks, Executive Director and founder of Anti-Police Terror Project, says the firing was the right choice. “This was a bold and courageous move. This is an important first step in decades of little to zero accountability for this department.”

Her organization claims that Armstrong lied about the department being defunded and about officers using excessive force, including tear gassing.

Brooks and others in Oakland are calling on Mayor Thao to focus less on increased policing and more on securing affordable housing, jobs and education. Other initiatives that Mayor Tao and acting Chief Allison have planned include deploying traffic units to reduce fatal crashes and working with Business Improvement District Ambassadors on using more technology to deter and solve crimes.