GUERNEVILLE (KRON) — Water trucks sprayed the roads for the first convoy of returnees in Guerneville.

Waiting for them — the grim aftermath of the worst flood in decades.

Some roads remain closed.

The sheriff’s department posted this video of the Bohemian Highway near Monte Rio.

You can see debris on the road and a tree that fell on power lines.

The owner of a ruined auto shop has lived in Guerneville since he was a teenager.

He says loves living on the river

“Everybody here does. I’m going to spend two months scrubbing everything. This is our treasure,” the business owner said.

Dozens of county inspectors visited homes and businesses to clear them for reoccupation.

According to the county, 2,600 homes and businesses suffered some kind of damage.

Roughly 3,700 people had to leave their homes.

Fifty nine of them have to be rescued by air, boat, or high water vehicle.

The Sonoma County Sheriff says there have been no reports of any looting.

“I am happy to report we have had no fatalities and no serious injuries,” the sheriff said.