PITTSBURG, Calif. (KRON) — Pittsburg Police Department held its first gun buyback event in six years on Saturday where they collected more than 125 firearms at city hall.

“So, in our community right now, if you add our gun campaign over the summer, plus today’s event, that’s over 200 guns off the street. So, I think that’s huge for our community here,” said Shanelle Scales-Preston, councilmember.

Scales-Preston was born and raised in Pittsburg and said the city has come a long way when it comes to gun violence.

She was disturbed by last week’s shooting a block away from Saturday’s event which left a mother and her eight-year-old son wounded by gunfire. Both are expected to survive, and the suspect has been arrested.

“That just shows the importance of having guns laying around the household, anyone can get ahold of them, and we don’t know what they’re doing with them out in the community,” added Scales-Preston.

This is the first time the police department has held one of these events since 2016. “They should really do it more often,” said Corey, resident.

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Cory turned in an inherited rifle she did not even know she had until she recently did a little cleaning around the house. The department handed out gift cards ranging from $50 to $200 depending on the type of firearm.

All firearms collected by the police department will be destroyed.