Gunfight leaves 1 hospitalized in Santa Rosa, suspect on the loose


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — A gunfight in Santa Rosa’s Alexander apartment complex has left one resident hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

Police say it began around 4 a.m., when a couple heard noise on their balcony.

“The male armed himself and went to see what was out there. When he got out there, there was an intruder on the balcony,” Sgt. Kyle Philip said. “The victim and the suspect exchanged rounds. The victim was hit three times, we are unsure if the suspect was hit.”

Police said evidence found on scene indicates the suspect was trying to break in. They say he escaped in a pickup truck and the victim is now in serious but stable condition at a local hospital.

“He’s definitely very lucky that no one got more seriously injured, he is in very serious condition at the hospital,” Philip said. “Expected to survive but it could’ve gone the other way easily. Whenever bullets get fired, that’s always a possibility.”

At this point, police are trying to figure out why this specific apartment may have been targeted for a break-in.

“We have no idea what the motive is behind it, if the suspect knew the victim. It doesn’t appear there was anything in the apartment as far as drugs or any other paraphernalia. So it’s unknown at this point why this residence was targeted.”

Luckily, no one else was injured during the exchange of gunfire. 

Police said they advise if you fear there is an intruder trying to break into your place, the best advice is to exit through another door and call police. 

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