HAYWARD, Calif. (KRON) – A mudslide sent mud and debris flowing over the weekend, destroying one home and forcing evacuations in Hayward’s Fairview neighborhood.

It was Saturday afternoon when the hillside came down and broke through into a home. “It’s pretty scary because it happened so quick. In 3 to 4 minutes, it took out the house. You hear creaks and cracking, and it came straight through,” said Debra Chisholm, whose home was destroyed.

The home was red-tagged and those living nearby were told to evacuate during the storms. “I think I am in shock a little bit. We’re getting through it day-by-day trying to figure it out,” said Chisholm.

A shed at a home next door was also destroyed and Sunday night’s storm sent more water and debris into the home on the other side. Some residents are concerned the city is not acting fast enough.

“They brought some little sandbags and they thought that was going to hold something, but they were just putting it in randomly in spots they thought would hold. Sandbags aren’t going to do anything,” said Ben Orellana, whose home was destroyed.

City crews were onsite doing debris cleanup Monday. “We’re also working on getting geotechnical experts and engineers to look at the soil and hillside and reengineer a drainage flow that can handle this,” said Deputy Chief Eric Vollmer, Hayward Fire Department.

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It is unclear when the hillside project will be in place with more rain in the forecast for Wednesday. “I would like to stay in my house, but I will not put my family in danger,” said Fred Naguiat, Faircliff Street resident.

City officials said once they figure out what to do, they will likely put in a short-term fix to get through the winter and then put in a long-term fix this summer.