‘He won’t count?’ Officer stops funeral home worker driving in HOV lane with dead body


Do you ever feel a bit miffed when someone speeds by you in the car-pool lane and their passenger is an infant?

Well babies count, but dead people don’t 

That question was cleared up by a Nevada Highway Patrol officer Monday.

The answer came when trooper Travis Smaka pulled over a driver on Interstate 15 who was driving a minivan alone in the HOV lane.

The suspect then told Smaka he wasn’t truly by himself — he was transporting a corpse in the back.

Smaka then gave the funeral home worker one of life’s hard lessons, additional car occupants must have a pulse.

Call it a technicality if you want, but at least he didn’t draw a cold, stiff line.

The understanding trooper let the driver go with a warning.

Just in case you’re wondering, animals don’t count as additional occupants, either.

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