MARIN CO., Calif. (KRON) — The number of virus cases is climbing fast, and medical experts have issued warnings on what you can do to stay healthy. 

It is called the ‘tripledemic’ — the collision of the flu, RSV and COVID all wrapped together, with some hospitals reporting escalating caseloads. 

“We are seeing a dramatic rise in influenza in Marin County. We are seeing a tenfold increase in the amount of virus in our wastewater,” said Dr. Matt Willis, Marin County public health officer.

He said medical personnel are slammed with cases. “Just got off the phone with our hospitals, they are seeing flu cases equivalent to COVID, and that is the first time in three years”, added Dr. Willis.

It is not just the flu and COVID-19 rising in case numbers but RSV as well, especially among young children. Dr. Willis said if you get sick, it is critical to utilize the resources available to you.

“If you have the flu, you can get Tamiflu, or COVID Paxlovid,” said Dr. Willis. The City of San Francisco recorded its first death from the flu this past week.

“I am most worried about the flu. We haven’t seen it a lot in the last three years, so there is going to be serious disease,” said Dr. Peter Chin Hong, UCSF infectious disease expert. He said the individual who passed from the flu had not received a flu shot.

Experts said making sure you are up to date on your vaccines is a good defense this year even if you have already had the flu. “If you had one flu, you had one flu, but the vaccine will prevent against a variety of strains,” said Dr. Willis.

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Talking with your provider early on could keep you out of the hospital. Dr. Willis said with the rates of all three viruses climbing it is important to practice good hygiene, wash your hands and mask up.