(KRON) — If Californians were forced to switch to a Tesla, or any electric vehicle, they would expect to be compensated well for it, according to a recent survey conducted by Gunther Volkswagen.

According to the survey, California drivers would be willing to switch to an electric vehicle if the government were willing to pay no less than $5,166 in cash. This was lower than the national average which was $5,988. The survey was conducted not long after California approved a ban on new gas-powered cars being sold in the state by 2035.

When it comes to switching from gas to electric vehicles, Californians aren’t entirely opposed to the idea. Half of those surveyed stated that it’s a good idea for the government to give out cash incentives in order to encourage people to switch from gas-powered vehicles to alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Gunther Volkswagen

Forty-nine percent of respondents stated that it was a good idea for the government to offer cash incentives to make the switch. But 65% of drivers said that though sustainable alternatives exist, they do not believe the electric evolution is moving quickly enough to actually combat climate change.

When considering the expected payout, drivers from other states would expect even higher amounts to make the switch. Arizona drivers state they would demand significantly more than Californians. Those surveyed said it would take a cash payment of $7,251. Those in Oregon say they’d expect $8,145. How about Kentucky drivers? They’d expect $9,153.

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Drivers in Hawaii navigate higher prices than drivers in other states, and they’d expect a higher cash incentive to switch to electric, a total of $10,438. However, drivers in New Hampshire would expect the most in the nation, with respondents saying they’d need $12,699 if asked to go electric.


Gunther Volkswagen Delray Beach surveyed 3,021 drivers to learn how much they expect to be subsidized in cash if they are asked to swap out a gas-powered vehicle for a zero-emission vehicle. For more details on the survey, please visit the survey website.