(KRON) — Traffic fatalities are on the rise, and at least a third of fatal collisions across California were a result of an impaired driver, according to a recent study by auto insurance company QuoteWizard.

Traffic fatalities are up 30% across the nation, and in California 36% of all fatal crashes involved alcohol. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported this week that roadway deaths are at crisis levels, and proposed that new vehicles check drivers for alcohol.

Though traffic fatalities are up since 2020, DUI citations across the state are down 35% since 2010. According to the report, severely impaired drivers are still responsible for 20% of crashes across the state. For every 10,000 registered drivers in California, 45 of them were arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Those who are convicted of driving under the influence in California will see it on their record for 10 years, according to the study. Colorado, Connecticut, and Georgia, all keep DUIs on driver records for 10 years too. Of the states listed in the study, Florida keeps DUIs on driver records for the longest at 75 years.

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Another challenge that drivers who receive DUIs face is that the citation will stay on the driver’s record, even if the driver moves to a new state. If you receive a DUI while on a trip to another state, that state will likely share your DUI record with your home state’s DMV by using a tool called Driver License Compact.

DUI fees can get expensive quickly, and can come with increased insurance rates or challenges from a suspended license, not to mention the risk of harming others. Earlier this summer, KRON4 reported on how much DUIs can cost a driver. All said, it’s wise to avoid getting behind the while while inebriated.