(KRON) — Two people were arrested in connection to a retail theft crew seen at Hillsdale Shopping Center, according to a social media post from the San Mateo Police Department. Officers were alerted to a vehicle associated with the crew and developed probable cause for a traffic stop. During the course of the stop, it was determined that the driver had a suspended license and the passenger lied about her identity due to having active warrants.

One of the passenger’s warrants was for organized retail theft. Officers initiated a probation search and discovered more than 50 high-end lipsticks with a retail value of $2,000, the post states. The stolen lipsticks were seized and the suspects were taken into custody.

“As our investigation continues, we remind you all as residents and business owners, to protect yourselves and your property not just during this time of year, but always,” the post said. “SMPD also reminds you to be good witnesses if you should see theft occurring while out shopping. Keep yourself safe and never confront subjects, but get a good description if you can to provide to police.”