SONOMA, Calif. (KRON) — Daniel Suarez became the first Mexican driver to win a NASCAR Cup Series race with his victory at Sunday’s Toyota Save Mart 350, but first he spent time with some very important fans.

Daniel’s Amigos, founded by Suarez in 2019, is a group that aims to bring new fans into the motorsports fold. Daniel’s Amigos brought together nearly 400 people at the Sonoma Raceway on Sunday, and fans were thrilled to be up close to their favorite driver.

Diana Salguero and her father Jose went to their first race last year with Daniel’s Amigos. This year they knew what to look forward to, “the moment we heard those engines roar, and everything shaking, that was the most amazing part,” she said.

Alma Velazquez and her son Aiden were at the race with Daniel’s Amigos, and they had a good feeling about Sunday’s race, “We watch the race every Saturday and Sunday, we’re always rooting for Daniel Suarez, he’s representing the Hispanic community and we really hope that today’s the day he gets his first win.”

Those fans got their wish. Suarez took home the Toyota Save Mart 350 trophy on Sunday, marking his first win and the first win ever by a Mexican driver in the NASCAR Cup Series. Suarez took a victory lap before finishing with a traditional ‘burn out’ of his tires at the finish line, where his teammates met him with hugs and a piñata.

Suarez says that the win was even more special because he had Daniel’s Amigos at the track to celebrate it with him, “I can’t describe how thankful I am for being able to win the first one here in front of my people.”