Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Hottest kids tech toys

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Shopping for kids can be daunting. KRON’s tech reporter Gabe Slate offers these ideas that help take the guesswork out of picking the right surprise gift this holiday season.CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES

1. Furreal friends Starlily, My Magical Unicorn $120

This is amazing. What’s better than a Pony? A Robot Unicorn! Features 100-plus sound and motion combinations; the more your child plays with her, the more she can respond – she even moves her head, and opens and closes her eyes! The sensors around her face and on her horn allow STARLILY to respond to your child’s loving touch.

Link –

2. BB-8 Droid by Sphero $150

This thing is amazing. It’s just like the droid in the movie. Somehow they built it so that when it rolls around the loose not connected head part stays on the robot body bobbling along just like in the movie. It’s a remote control robot and your companion.

Link –

3. Zoomer Kitty $100

With life like movement and realistic kitten sounds this is the closest you can get to having a kitten without actually owning one. She loves to cuddle, make her purr and you can really feel it. Her eyes follow you & change color depending on her mood. She sings, dances, and does tricks.

Link –

4. Zoomer Dino $100

Very realistic. Very loud. Very angry this robot remote controlled dinosaur is vicious. With the press of a button you can put Indominus rex™ into patrol mode and she will explore her new environment using True Balance Technology. Eyes change color. She thrashes, roars, spins, and is prone to attack at a moment’s notice!

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5. Miposaur $95

Another great hi-tech dino. Miposaur is equipped with GestureSense™ Technology that enables it to respond to the swipe of hand. Depending where you swipe, you can either become Miposaur’s new best friend, or dinnertime target! The TrackBall has 6 different game modes including fetch. Each time you turn the knob, a new game is activated. Take it for a walk, feed it a snack, or watch Miposaur beat box and break it down!

Link –

6. Playmation Super Hero Experience $95

This is one of those toys that make me so jealous of kids these days. It’s a connected toy, a smart toy. You wear a strap on weapon on your arm aim and fire on physical toys set up around your house (bad guy action figures) when you hit the target the toy is launched off it’s pad. There is an iron man force push that is sooo cool! It’s like a modern hi-tech laser tag.

Link –

7. R.E.V Remote Control Car Racers $100

Ready to battle? This is the coolest car vs. car or human vs. car race experience out there. Super fast durable race cars ready for battel. R.E.V. vehicles mimic real-world physics. If a vehicle takes a hit, it will react and handle as if the impact was real. If hit from behind, it’ll lunge forward. If hit from the side, it’ll veer off course. Vehicular combat has never felt more real.

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8. Fire Tablet 7-inch Super Low Price $50

This is ideal for kids, tweens, teens and anyone first entry into the tablet game. This is a full blown functioning tablet but for super cheap. It can do most things it’s bigger brother the Fire HD 8 can but is also simplified for kid use.


Snap Pets

9. Snap Pets $35

This is a one of kind super cute cool selfie assistant. It’s a Bluetooth mini camera to helps take that perfect selfie. It sends the pic it takes to your phone. Snap Pets come in different colors and animal shapes.

Link –

10. Smart Toy Bear $100

It’s a downright adorable stuffed toy that packs some serious smarts. It learns from your child’s play habits, and remembers stuff like their name and favorite color. It even suggests kid-friendly games to play based on their tastes.

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11. Anki Overdrive $150

Anki’s kits consist of customizable race courses and app-connected cars that are controlled from your iOS or Android phone. It’s the future of remote controlled cars, and they’re perfect for your fast-paced, action-oriented teenagers.

Link –

12. Vex Robotics by Hex Bug $25 +

These are so cool. Vex are different robots and machines that perform different simple tasks. But you build them from scratch with your kid. Offers easy to follow instructions. It offers a very satisfying result.

Link –

13. Litiholo Hologram Kit $100

Holograms capture our imagination, with images in full 3D that look like you can touch them But never before has holographic technology been simplified in a way for children to create their very own holograms. With this kit Litiholo kids can easily make their very own holograms right at home, in under an hour, while learning the basic science and secrets of how they work.

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14. Super Moon In My Room $45

The most awesome night ever! You adjust preferred brightness. Remote controlled big moon glows a nice peaceful light. Replica of the real moon. It will show you the actual phase of the real moon outside in real time (you set date). Also has a solar eclipse mode.

Link –

15. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX $54

Features 3 fun activities, 5 games, 3 action challenges and a motion sensor, camera with photo effects, video camera, voice recorder with voice-changing effects and touch screen, alarm, timer and stopwatch, calendar. Blue or Pink

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16. Air Hogs Millenium Falcon RC Drone $59

Now you can fly the most iconic ship from Star Wars right in your home! Onboard Gyro-stabilization provides stable and smooth control as you take flight with the power of its single rotor Powercore Drive Train! Don’t worry if your deflector shields go down, the Millennium Falcon is constructed from impact-resistant foam, making it incredibly resilient.

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17. View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack $30

Enter the world of virtual reality with the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. This kid-friendly device will surround you with stunning 360-degree environments so you feel as if you are really there!

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18. Play All Day Elmo $43

This cuddly and interactive Elmo toy includes 8 games and activities and 150+ responses to help keep kids engaged. It has 2 modes of play (Toddler and Preschool). Enjoy basic cause-and-effect play like tickling Elmo or squeezing his nose to see how he might respond. Preschool mode takes play to the next level by playing games and activities, like “Red Light Green Light,” “Pat-a-Cake,” When playtime is over, preschoolers can cuddle with him while listening to a lullaby

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19. SkyRocket Drones $30+

These are the best easy to use drones out there. If you’re looking for a good entry level drone for a kid or adult these are great. And these are very affordable. They have many different sizes and models that keep it simple or are packed full of hi-tech features. There is a drone here for your that person on your list.

Link –

20. Micro Mini Scooter $80

Highest rated scooter for 3-5 year olds. Kids love the safe lean to steer design Smooth, quiet ride with non-marking wheels . The smooth gliding 3 wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and safe steering all contribute to stability that makes the Mini perfect for Under 6 yrs. old. Kids steer by using their body weight to lean right and left, intuitively learning to lean into a turn, while developing balance and coordination used in many sports.

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