OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A malnourished mountain lion cub that was found alone under a Santa Cruz home earlier this week will not be released back into the wild, the Oakland Zoo tweeted on Friday. The cub, which zoo officials have named “Holly” due to her being found during the holiday season, is reportedly doing well and recuperating in the care of the zoo’s vets.

“This little cub is a fighter!” the zoo’s tweet read. “She’s maintaining hydration, blood glucose, and temperature.”

“She’s also eating reliably, and getting feistier!” the tweet added. “Her bloodwork still looks good.”

The zoo’s tweet was accompanied by video of Holly in her enclosure where she appeared healthy, bright-eyed and energetic as she cleaned herself and licked her paws.

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“Unfortunately, because she lacks the skills necessary to survive on her own, she cannot be released back into the wild,” the zoo added in a subsequent tweet. “Mountain lions rely on their mothers for up to 2 years to learn those skills.”

If Holly’s recovery continues to make progress, she will be placed in an “accredited forever home,” the zoo added.

The Oakland Zoo has specialized in caring for mountain lions that have been rescued from urban settings. Earlier this year, the zoo took in a mountain lion cub found in a Peninsula high school.