Homeless man handing out resumes in Bay Area lands software engineer job


We were the first to tell you the story of David Casarez, then a homeless college graduate who was pictured in Mountain View handing out resumes instead of asking for money. 

That photo of Casarez with his sign that read “Homeless Hungry 4 Success Take A Resume,” went viral and made headlines nationwide soon afterward. 

“He came to Silicon Valley with a dream to be successful in tech and has a lot to offer the community. He’s sleeping in parks and still trying to get freelance work, interviews, and applications in,” said Jasmine Scofield, who was the first to share the photo on social media.

Casarez’s days of being unemployed are no longer. 

He tweeted an update to his job search Tuesday afternoon.

“I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a position as a Software Engineer with @WhiteFoxDefense! I would like to thank @AustenAllred with @LambdaSchool, and @SkilledInc for their support throughout this process! #ThankYou” 

Casarez added the company is “doing great things” and said he is “looking forward to working them.”

According to the company website, White Fox is a drone airspace defense company that specializes in developing services and solutions to securely manage drones.

Social media was quick to congratulate Casarez on his new job. 



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