Homeless teen gets full ride to college


SANTA FE, NM (CNN NEWSOURCE) — 18-year-old Edgar Sarceno can’t wait to show off his new car.

“I know it’s not a super flashy car, but to me this is my life,” Sarceno said. “Sometimes I’m driving and I’m like I can’t believe I’m driving this.”

To many people, it would be just that — a new car. To Sarceno, it represents the closing of one tough chapter in his life.

“My whole life was in my trunk basically.”

Sarceno spent the bulk of his life alone. With no family support. By high school, he was homeless. Living in his car, but no one ever knew.

“It was really hard to not be the person that makes everybody sad,” he said.

He occupied his time getting good grades. He held down multiple jobs and volunteering with kids.

“I always want to be the person I needed when I was their age,” he said.

“The kids were madly in love with him,” Rayna Dineen, found of Reading Quest said.

And as one chapter closed, another one opened.

When it came time to write his college essay, had a lifetime of overcoming adversity to share. It wasn’t until he asked an English teacher to edit it that his story came out.

“I think what saved my life was reaching out,” Sarceno said.

He’s now headed to Bates College in Maine on a full-ride scholarship.

“I want to study Philosophy, I want to study Art and Economics, reading and writing,” he said.

His undeniable spirit has impacted so many. In addition to the new car, members of the Santa Fe community gifted him with a new phone.

“Now I feel like I have the chance to chase whatever is in my heart.”

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