If you’re fed up with traffic, the high cost of living and the lack of affordable housing… Well, you’re not alone.

Homeowners are looking to sell out and leave the Bay Area.

The once Red Hot real estate market is cooling.

Prices are coming down and a growing number of people are selling out, cashing in and moving on says Santa Clara Realtor Myron Von Raesfeld.

“I currently have two listings coming on the market, this being one of them, both are leaving the state,” Von Raesfeld said. “This one has already moved to Austin, Texas. My other couple is moving to Boston, and I have another listing coming up where the people are moving to Seattle.”

Indeed, the online real estate service Redfin says migration is reaching a record high with one in four people searching for a home looking to leave the Bay Area with Sacramento and Seattle among the most popular destinations.

The proceeds from cashing in one’s equity can go a lot farther in many places outside the Bay Area says Von Raesfeld.

“It’s much cheaper in many places across the country that have really great quality of life so many people are passing on the Bay Area and going someplace where they get that quality of life where everything is 20-30 percent cheaper,” Von Raesfeld said.

San Francisco, New York, LA, and Denver have the highest net outflows, which means more people looking to leave than to move in

Von Raesfeld says the owners of a 3-bedroom, 1-bath home on Murguia Avenue, who have already moved to Austin, Texas, are typical of what’s happening.

“Take that and they move to Texas where the buy a home that is three times the size for $400,000,” Von Raesfeld said. “It’s a choice where many people are beginning to say, I have options and they are taking that option and moving it out of state.”