INSIDE EDITION — The brilliant honors student who shot her boyfriend in a jealous rage because he was going on a date with a Miss USA contestant is found guilty of murder.

Twenty-four-year-old Shayna Hubers nervously chewed her finger nails but showed zero emotion after the verdict was read just before midnight.

But the slain boyfriend’s family openly celebrated in the courtroom.

Hubers shot 29-year-old Ryan Poston six times in his home outside Cincinnati. She claimed self-defense. She killed him when he made a date with stunning former Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte.

Shayna Hubers was in prison stripes Friday at her emotional sentencing hearing. Ryan Poston’s sister wept as she talked about him.

She tearfully said, “Your heart actually feels like it is crumbling in your chest.”

HLN host Nancy Grace has been following the case.

Grace told INSIDE EDITION, “She broke into his email, his Facebook by her own admission and tried to scare away other women that were interested in him. She was totally jealous when she found out he had a date with Miss Ohio the night he was murdered. Very well the last straw, the straw that broke the camel’s back and ended in murder.”

The former Miss Ohio testified about their date which he didn’t live to keep.

Shayna Hubers is being compared with Jodi Arias, who also murdered her boyfriend in a jealous rage and claimed self-defense.

Unlike Arias, Hubers chose not to testify, which was no surprise to Nancy Grace.

Grace said, “I think it really hurt Shayna Hubers that she did not take the stand. We know that she would have been carved up on cross-examination like a Thanksgiving turkey but the jury doesn’t know that. If she’s innocent why not take the stand and explain what happened?”

It took the jury five hours to reach their verdict.