(KRON) — People flocked to the coast to escape the current heat wave hitting the Bay Area.

On Saturday Stinson Beach was full of crowds wanting to cool off. “The heat. We needed to get out of Vacaville,” said one beachgoer.

Other beachgoers share that sentiment. “Closer to the ocean is better, the breeze. I checked the temperature it said 60s, 70s. Better than San Jose. San Jose is going to be in the hundreds,” said another beachgoer.

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As for getting to the beach, many had advice.

“Come early to get parking. Traffic wasn’t bad then but it’s really bad now they’ve been lined up for a long time,” said another beachgoer.

The beach parking lot was full in the afternoon but those who planned ahead had better luck.

“We thought it was going to take us longer but we magically found a parking lot area that they were letting people in so we got in right at the perfect time,” said one beachgoer.

You can’t beat the cooler weather here on the coast but you can beat traffic if you arrive early.