A hotel owner in Manchester is facing a long list of charges after police said he attempted to have an underage girl delivered to his hotel for the purpose of sexual interaction.

Detectives took over the parking lot outside of a Vernon business where police say 46-year-old Simon Hessler ran a child sex trafficking operation out of a “sex dungeon” involving girls ages 10 to 12. 

Investigators collecting key evidence all day Wednesday, wearing white coveralls to protect the DNA evidence inside the building. Police say there were forced restraints and paraphernalia. 

“You never know what happens next-door.”

Steve Szestowicki owns a neighboring gun shop. 

“It’s awful, to violate kids, can’t put it into words really.”

Szestowicki says he rarely saw anyone coming or going and didn’t see any children. 

Hessler also owns Baymont Inn and Suites in Manchester. The general manager there saying he was arrested in the parking lot. 

After a months long investigation, Hessler is behind bars.

According to police, the 46-year-old has been arrested for attempting to solicit access to a preteen girl for sexual interaction with forced restraint in exchange for money.

Police arrested Hessler when he allegedly attempted to pay an undercover officer for the delivery of an underage victim.

Hessler has been charged with attempted and conspiracy at trafficking in persons and attempted sexual assault, among other charges.

He appeared in court on Wednesday where his bond was kept at $1 million.

Hessler is due back on Dec. 12th.