SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Fitness Volt analyzed Google Trends data for the last year to find out which U.S. state is the most “gym-obsessed.”

The fitness website looked at searches for “gym,” “gym near me,” “gym membership,” “yoga near me,” “pilates near me,” “home gym,” and “body building,” then placed those in proportion to the total population of the state.

The state most obsessed with breaking a sweat turned out to be New Jersey. California ranked No. 2.

The top 10 are as follows:

  1. New Jersey
  2. California
  3. Hawaii
  4. Arizona
  5. Florida
  6. Connecticut
  7. New York
  8. Utah
  9. Nevada
  10. Virginia

Californians were more likely to search “gym membership” and “body building” than their counterparts in the Garden State. New Jersey residents were more likely to search all of the other terms.

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The states least into working up a sweat are as follows:

  1. South Dakota
  2. North Dakota
  3. West Virginia
  4. Mississippi
  5. Iowa
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Arkansas
  8. Nebraska
  9. Alaska
  10. Kentucky