(KRON) — A few earthquakes have struck the Bay Area in the past few days. Some people received early notifications on their phone telling them that the quakes were happening, here’s how.

Two key resources exist for fast earthquake information: the United States Geological Survey alert system and the MyShake application developed at University of California Berkeley. The USGS alert system is available on the USGS website, and users are able to select a particular area of the world for which they would like to receive alerts. Though USGS alerts may come out a bit later, they tend to be the most accurate.

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Angie Lux, a Project Scientist with the Berkeley Seismology Lab, shared how the MyShake application functions. MyShake takes information from ShakeAlert, the USGS alert system for sending out alerts. MyShake records ground motions, but that data is not utilized for earthquake warnings across the U.S. Since USGS’s ShakeAlert doesn’t currently have an alert system, it shares information so other applications can send out alerts, including MyShake.

For more information on the USGS alert services, please visit the USGS website. To learn more about the MyShake application you can download it to your phone or visit the website.