PIONEER, Calif. (KRON) — The family of Alexis Gabe is hopeful that remains found in Pioneer last Wednesday are that of the missing woman, her father Gwyn Gabe tells KRON4.

Alexis Gabe’s family has not given up hope that they will find her remains, and some believe their search may have come to an end. Towards the beginning of September, the Gabe family decided that the $100,000 reward they had been offering for information leading to her whereabouts would also go to anyone who could share information leading to her remains. The list of search volunteers grew to over 700 people.

Alexis Gabe
Alexis Gabe vanished on January 26, 2022. (Photo courtesy Help Bring Alexis Gabe Home / Facebook)

A few days ago a member of the search party found a set of bones near the northern part of Defender Grade Road in Pioneer, but they turned out to belong to an animal.

Another search volunteer decided to check the southern part of Defender Road, closer to State Route 26 (which is also known as Red Corral Road). That volunteer found more remains. The Amador County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to investigate. Gabe’s father says the sheriff’s office determined that some of the remains were human bones.

The location has significance in the case. In July the Antioch Police Department shared copies of handwritten directions that police had recovered during a search warrant at the home of suspect Marshall Curtis Jones. Police noted at the time that they believed the notes were used by Jones in the disposal of Alexis’ body. This area was searched by law enforcement after the note was found, but those searches were fruitless.

Gabe described the location, “Towards the end of the map was a left turn to Defender Grade Road if he was driving on Highway 88, so the police didn’t find anything there.” The handwritten directions were unclear, as there is no left turn onto Defender Grade Road from Hwy 88.

Please note: this map is for reference only, these are not exact locations.

Gabe pointed out, “but if you go Hwy 26 there is a left turn onto Defender Grade Road…So I think the police might have missed that area,” Gabe said.

Now the Gabe family is waiting again. “They picked them (the bones) up and sent them to forensics for a DNA test,” Gabe told KRON4. This coming week the Antioch Police Department will be heading to the area with cadaver dogs to continue the investigation. KRON4 reached out to APD and the Amador County Sheriff’s Office for comment, but have not heard back by time of publish.

When asked if he believes the remains found on the southern end of Defender Grade Road were, in fact, those of his daughter, he said, “We’re hoping.”

Gabe shared details on how much his family has struggled with the search for his daughter.

What we’re feeling right now are mixed emotions. It’s kind of devastating to hear if those really are her remains and they are all scattered there…it’s very hard to accept that. But at the same time it would probably be a relief for us because all we want to do is find her remains and bring her home.

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The impact that Alexis’ disappearance has had on the Gabe family can only be described as overwhelming. Gabe’s wife has not been able to return to work since they started searching, “Every time she sees black bags on the side of the street she would just stop, be emotional, and see what’s inside it.”

Gabe is grateful for the support that the local community has shown his family since the start of the search for Alexis. It was locals who found the remains that he believe belong to his daughter, and Gabe says he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the police missed something.

He says that though the reward is being offered, most of the volunteers just want to help the family find Alexis. Gabe is glad to keep them informed of this process, “We want the community to know what’s going on in their surrounding communities there.”