Hundreds of abandoned vehicles were left on the streets in Oakland, and police in that town are taking action by towing the vehicles in a pair of recent abandoned vehicle sweeps.

If you are in Oakland and you find one of the orange courtesy notices on the windshield of your vehicle, it means you have 72 hours to park it somewhere else or it will be towed.

“These are just clear instructions to the owners to what the rules are about how long a car can be parked on a particular street,” Oakland police Capt. Tony Jones said. “So far, we have towed in excess of 350 cars.”

Three-hundred-and-fifty autos were targeted by Oakland police in a pair of recent towing sweeps that took place this past weekend and back during the last weekend in July, from East Oakland to the San Leandro border.

Jones says most of the vehicles appear to have been abandoned.

“A majority of the cars that we are towing are just inoperable, looked like they had just been dumped at the location,” Jones said. “On some blocks, we had in excess of 14 or 15 cars on one block. So, being responsive to the citizens out there, we organized these tow sweeps to rid the communities of these blight issues of abandoned cars taking up parking spaces; bring the overall image of the neighborhood down.”

Jones says Oakland is in the midst of a growing abandoned vehicle problem

“We are…seeing a lot more abandoned vehicles than in year’s past,” Jones said. “It is important to note that during these operations, we are not targeting, not towing vehicles that people are living inside of. When we encounter people who are actually living inside of their cars, we have a team of people who come and offer services, try to get them assistance rather than take their cars and putting them in a more dire situation.”

Oakland police recovered 15 stolen vehicles during the two abandoned vehicle sweeps.

If you think your vehicle was towed during the two sweeps, Oakland police say to give them a call.