Hundreds of undigested boba pearls reportedly found in girl’s stomach


A 14-year-old girl from China suffered an abdominal blockage that was reportedly caused by hundreds of boba (tapioca pearls) stuck in her stomach. 

According to Chinese media reports, the girl in China’s Zheijang province was taken to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and constipation for five days. 

When the doctor performed a CT scan, that’s when he reportedly found “unusual spherical shadows,” (a.k.a. undigested boba) lining her colon, all the way down her digestive system. 

According to EBC Dongsen News, the girl said she drank a bubble tea five days earlier but the doctor said it would have taken much more boba for this to happen. 

The girl was prescribed laxatives to get the undigested boba out of her system. 

The director of the emergency department at Zhuji People’s Hospital’s told local media that due to boba’s tapioca starch composition, it is already difficult to digest. 

Some also add thickeners and preservatives, which if consumed in large amounts, could lead to gastrointestinal problems. 

Enjoy at your own risk.

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