OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Hundreds of people came together Saturday in Oakland to condemn the recent string of violence against the Asian community.

The day of action comes on the first weekend of the Lunar New Year and as police have been beefing up safety patrols.

Organizers hope the rally will help heal their hurting communities.

This was the first of two healing events planned for this weekend. The goal is to bring together multi-cultural and racial groups to stand in solidarity against this violence and to keep their communities safe.

Hundreds gathered in Madison Square Park in Oakland’s Chinatown to take a stand against racism and violence.

The event sparked by a series of recent attacks on the area’s Asian community.

Through the message “Love our people, heal our communities”, organizers say this was a much needed day of action.

“I think it’s actually amazing that all of these people have come out to support this work to end violence against Asians and Asian-Americans and our work is being done in racial solidarity,”

Through signs, symbols and speakers the rally aimed to take away the grief and pain the community has been feeling.

For attendees, the size of the group was inspiring.

“It really makes me like just so happy because it’s showing solidarity between like all races. It’s not just an Asian-American fight, but a human rights fight.”

The recent surge in attacks have come around the time of the Lunar New Year.

The normal celebrations have been cancelled because of the on-going pandemic. And COVID-19 may also be fueling the recent xenophobia.

“With the COVID crisis, I feel like it’s just kind of spiraled to a very scary place.”

Advocates hope more solutions can help address the problems these communities continue to face.

“The violence that is going on in chinatown and across the Bay Area is real. There is elderly abuse that has been very painful and it’s also happening all across Oakland to many communities.”

A second rally is scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon at Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco. Just like Saturday’s event, it will be in English with cantonese interpretation.