DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) — Police have identified the man who was shot and killed in a domestic dispute in Dublin on Nov. 20.

Police say the man who died in the incident has been identified as Kenneth Krainski, 38. The shooting happened inside of a residence at the Sofi Apartments on 7100 San Ramon Road.

According to police, Krainski and his wife were estranged, and she was in a romantic relationship with the man who lived inside of the apartment. Krainski went to the apartment while his wife was inside, and the two men got into a physical altercation, according to police. DPD says that the fight ended when Krainski was shot by the second man with a legally owned gun.

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Investigators say that the two men had never met before Krainski came to the apartment. Police refrained from sharing the identity of the shooter, though at this time they believe he fired in self defense. The investigation is ongoing and the District Attorney will be determining charges.