SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As the news that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was attacked by an assailant with a hammer in an incident authorities are calling “targeted” reverberates, one question neighbors are asking is, how was someone able to break in to the couple’s home and attack the speaker’s husband?

“I didn’t hear anything and usually I feel pretty safe because we have neighborhood security,” said Pantea Grover, a neighbor who said she lives across the street. “I woke up and see all the police cars and I feel very scared and very sad about what has happened to Paul.”

The Pelosi home is located in Pacific Heights, one of the most exclusive and typically, safest parts of San Francisco. The neighborhood also has its own security, all the more reason neighbors were shocked by the attack.

“I really don’t know how it could happen,” Grover said. “I see [the security] all night they start about 6 p.m. and go until 6 a.m.”

“It’s very, very sad what has happened and I hope he’s OK,” she added.

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San Francisco has been dealing with an increase in many street crimes and Grove said that they’d had mentally ill people in the neighborhood and security had taken care of them.

“But never something like this,” she added. “He is the most amazing guy, I hope he will be fine.”

Pelosi, who was arrested for DUI earlier this year, is expected to recover fully from the attack. The San Francisco Police Department is expected to deliver an update on the attack later this morning.