WASHINGTON D.C. (KRON) – As the first vaccinations begin to be distributed around the country, the CDC has released a sticker template, hoping it will help normalize the injections.

The hope is that hospitals and doctor’s offices will print out the stickers, which read “I got my COVID-19 Vaccine,” and give them to people who receive the shot, similar to an “I Voted” sticker, which they can post to social media.

“We’re very influenced by what we perceive people in our community to be doing, so if everybody else is doing something, it’s attractive to us,” Katherine Milkman, PhD, co-director of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, told ABC News.

As the vaccine becomes more available in the coming months, the CDC is looking for ways to get the word out about the treatment as much as they can.

Politicians have even suggested a stimulus bonus for people who take the vaccine.

In addition to the sticker template, which can be found on their website, the CDC also has posters, FAQ sheets and other resources available for healthcare workers in their COVID-19 communication toolkit.