CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — While the focus is on upcoming weekend ICE raids, immigration attorneys in the Bay Area say  those raids have already begun.

A group of Bay Area immigration attorneys entered federal ICE offices in San Francisco during the noon hour Thursday to demand information about the threat of immigration raids this weekend.

“We want to know what their plans are, who they are targeting and where individuals will be process so they can have access to attorneys,” said immigration attorney Siobhan Waldron.

Attorneys say these raids are already underway in the Bay Area, beginning in Contra Costa County this past Sunday. 

They say ICE continues to refuse to let detainees know they have access to the free legal help these attorneys provide unless they know the detainees name.

“There is a history of prohibiting attorney access here in San Francisco and at a new facility in stockton,” Waldron said.

Waldron with Centro Legal de la Raza says ICE is not only targeting those without immigration status, but those with status, so everyone must  must educate themselves before ICE shows up at their doorstep

“Do not open the door, ICE cannot enter your house without a warrant signed by a judge they almost never have a warrant signed by a judge, they have ones signed by ICE agents  and those do not authorize entry into a house,” she said. “So simply do not answer the door.”

Oakland-based Centro Legal de la Raza  is offering assistance and information to Bay Area families who may be impacted by the threat of deportation. 

Some of the steps the organization encourages immigrants to take are: 

  • Talk to an immigration services provider about your options
    • Find out what to do if you have a green card, a visa or no immigration status
  • Make a family preparedness plan
  • Find out what documents to carry and what not to carry
  • Know your rights before speaking to officers or letting someone inside your home
  • Know your legal options and when to speak with a lawyer
  • If an immigration agent comes to your home or workplace, you have the right to remain silent
    • You also have the right to speak to a lawyer and refuse to sign anything until you consult with a lawyer

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