‘I’ll blow your brains out’: Great-grandmother fires shots at home intruder


A home intruder was no match for a pistol-packing great-grandmother in Georgia.

“I’ve always said, don’t ever let anybody come in and run you out of your own house,” Gwendolyn Agard, 79 told WSB-TV.

Earlier this month, a suspected burglar broke into Agard’s home. The accused burglar went to the back stairs of her home, broke a window and forced his way inside. 

Agard called 911, then grabbed a gun to protect herself and her home.

“And I said to him, you come down these damn steps and I’ll blow your f***** brains out. That’s exactly what I said.”

Agard fired two shots, but they missed the suspect. When deputies arrived, they found him hiding in a bedroom closet.

“That’s why I say she’s my hero. That she could do this at her age, I was very impressed. And I’m thankful the good Lord took care of her,” said Connie Oliver, Agard’s mail carrier.

Gwendolyn sees it that way too and says she’s pretty sure he’ll forgive the foul language.

“Trust me. God was all in the picture. Because my legs were trembling. I was saying, Lord have mercy Jesus. And then—‘m*********r’ the next time. It was all mixed in.”

The suspect is facing a series of charges, including home invasion. 



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