In-depth: How to turn a viral video into cash


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Every day, tens of thousands of people are uploading their videos online but only a few are making money.

On Monday night, Tech Reporter Gabe Slate showed what it takes to create a video that could go viral.

On Tuesday night, he shows us how that video can turn into cash.

Six months ago, Jonathan Gaurano, an Uber driver, outfitted his car with cameras and surprised passengers with cute puppies.

He posted that video and it went viral.

“Has around 30 million views on Facebook and 70,000 on YouTube,” viral video maker Jonathan Gaurano said.

Within days of it taking off, agencies started contacting him to license his video.

“They emailed me and they said, ‘Hey. This is a percentage of what we want for your video, are you OK with it?'” Gaurano said.

He was, and ever since then, he has steadily received between $200 and $300 a month in royalties for that one video.

Licensing agencies work to get videos onto every online platform and also shop it around to TV shows, blogs, news agencies, and entertainment websites.

Every time someone watches it, you get a cut.

“The percentage deal that you have with them stays with them and you forever,” Gaurano said. “As long as your video is up online, you are making money.”

It depends on the contract you sign, but on average, this is the breakdown.

“Every million views on Facebook equates to about $200,” Gaurano said.

And on YouTube, for every million views, you would get around $600.

You don’t have to wait for an agency to come to you. If you believe your video could go viral, you can submit it to the licensing agencies.

On their websites, they walk you through how to upload your video for consideration.

Jukin Media is one of those agencies. People there told KRON4 they watch around 85,000 videos a month.

Besides the videos sent to them, they have 50 full-time employees and a computer software program, scouring the web every day looking for that next viral hit

They said it’s like looking for diamonds in the rough–for every 5,000 videos they watch, they will make an offer on 50.

Jukin said depending on the quality of the video and the rarity of the content, the videos they represent will make anywhere from $50 to up to $10,000.

“When someone approaches you, the very first thing that I suggest is to do your research,” Gaurano said.

After the Uber puppy video, Jonathan went on to make a dozen more viral videos so he has had a lot of experience with agencies.

He said Jukin Media, Storyful, and Break are reputable ones worth considering.

Jonathan also advises to negotiate the percentage and shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Don’t underestimate the value of a viral video.

Every click is worth cash.Submit your video for Licensing to earn cash here

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