Indiana man on trial, accused of killing, eating ex-girlfriend


INDIANA (CNN) — The Southern Indiana man accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death and eating parts of her body lashed out in court again.

During opening statements Thursday, in front of the jury, Joseph Oberhansley objected and said the prosecutor has no proof.

His attorneys expect this will keep happening throughout the trial.

Oberhansley is facing life in prison, accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Tammy Jo Blanton and eating parts of her body in 2014.

“The details of the crime are horrific,” said Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull. 

The jury, brought in from Hamilton County, is in for a long, difficult trial starting with opening statements Wednesday.

But Mull says this is the day his team and blanton’s family have been waiting for.

“I am so thrilled to finally have Joseph Oberhansley in trial,” he said. 

Mull believes the jury will be fair and impartial.

But Oberhansley’s attorney is worried his client does not have a shot at a fair trial because of his mental illness.

“He’s delusional. And he remains delusional,” said defense attorney Brent Westerfield. 

Over the years, professionals have found him mentally ill.

But last month he was found competent to stand trial, taking the death penalty and an insanity defense off the table.

“We believe his decision making was a result of his mental illness. And we believe that makes this process unfair. When a crazy person is deciding what his defense is, that’s a problem in our mind,” said Westerfield.

Oberhansley’s attorney says it’s likely he will continue to interject during this trial and says that makes it difficult to fairly represent him.

The state will call its first witness Thursday morning.

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