(KRON) — Gas and air travel prices are at a high, but how are you determining which way to travel for Fourth of July weekend and beyond this summer? FloridaPanhandle.com shared an analysis that might help you decide.

The statistical analysis published by Florida Panhandle considers gas prices, driving cost, and flight costs. One comparison the website considered is the cost of gas prices today versus in 2000. In the year 2000 a 1,000 mile trip would cost on average $61.86, but today the same trip will run on average $163.07.

Image courtesy of FloridaPanhandle.com

The cost of domestic flights appears to be up as well. Based on data provided by Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), the average round trip flight in 2000 was $239.425. The average price for a round trip domestic flight in the month of June 2022 is up to $330.

The website also considered what some folks value more than money: time. Florida Panhandle calculated the wages—based on a May 22 average—that could be earned during the time it takes to travel. The longer the trip, the more wages lost.

Image courtesy of FloridaPanhandle.com

Though each traveler will decide for themselves which method of travel works best for them, there are some pros and cons with them both. When you drive you can do what you want when you want. When you fly you spend less time traveling, and with high gas prices this summer you may end up spending less too.