(KRON) — In the latest in a series of recent thefts of high-end watches, a Redwood City man was robbed of his Rolex outside of his home on Saturday, according to the Redwood City Police Department. Al Shawa was outside of his home when the armed theft took place.

In a statement to KRON4, he said he was terrified and angry about what happened. The incident is just one in a string of similar crimes lately. Although no evidence has emerged linking the crimes together, there does appear to be some sort of trend involving the thefts of Rolexes and other expensive watches.

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Last week, a man was robbed of his Rolex watch at gunpoint outside a restaurant in Walnut Creek. In July, another Rolex theft occurred in Walnut Creek when a man was robbed of his watch at gunpoint in his driveway. Armed robbers also stole another man’s Rolex outside Trader Joe’s in Danville.

In Daly City last month, another man was pistol-whipped and robbed of his watch.