SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Crab fisherman braved the storm for the official start of the Dungeness crab season on Saturday, according to the Port of San Francisco.

A few boats were able to get through the rain and wind to retrieve their nets, and they successfully brought home a haul of crab of Fisherman’s Wharf in the afternoon, according to the Port of SF. Video from the dock shows folks lined up in the rain to get a glimpse of the fresh crab being brought home.

this is an image of a crab fisherman's boat.
Crab fisherman returns to shore (Photo courtesy of Port of SF)

Crab fishermen have been waiting for the crab season to start for weeks, but the date seemed to push later and later. Initially, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife planned to open crabbing season in mid November, but the population of humpback whales in the area forced the CDFW to hold off, as crab pot fishing gear is dangerous to whales.