(KRON) — In day two of the hearings we learned that despite being told by his own top officials that he had lost the election, former President Trump continued to say he had won.

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The January 6th Committee, in its second public hearing, tried to show a divided White House, according to political analyst Michael Yaki, “I never thought there would be two teams at the White House: team normal and team crazy. That to me was a little shocking.”

With new testimony, the committee tried to show that former President Trump aligned himself with people who would tell him only what he wanted to hear, like former mayor Rudy Giuliani. 

The committee is trying to show that Trump went with the stolen election theory–even when he knew he had lost, says San Jose State political science lecturer Donna Crane. “And I think that state of mind is something that the department of justice will look at. Did you do the deed and did you mean the do the deed?” says Crane. 

There are more public hearings this week on Wednesday and Thursday. We will bring them to you live on KRON4 News.