OAKLAND (KRON)—Musician Joey Matlock was one of the 36 people killed in the deadly Oakland warehouse fire Friday night.

Matlock is also known by his stage name Joey Casio.

Bay Area party promoter and record label owner Nihar Bhatt described him as a “philosopher of electronic music.” His work focused on recordings of nature and ambient sounds molded into a percussion-based “audio assault that was cathartic,” Bhatt said.

“Anyone who heard it had their minds blown,” he said.

Matlock’s father John Matlock went to a vigil in Oakland and quoted lines from one of his son’s songs which said to put others first. Matlock told the crowd he and his wife were hurting but that they were one part of their son’s family and this community was another part of it.

Calvin Johnson of K Records in Olympia, Washington said Matlock was on the label and lived in the city for 10 years before moving away.

“He really was the gentlest of people,” Johnson said.