July 1 brings new laws, taxes in California


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Today there are going to be several changes across the Bay Area and statewide, as the new month brings some new laws and taxes.

Gas tax increase

That includes the new gas tax.

Starting today, drivers will pay 6 more cents per gallon.

The money will go into fixing aging bridges and roadways in the state.

Muni fare increase

Muni fares in San Francisco will also go up starting today.

A single ride fare will ow cost $3 if you pay in cash or buy a limited use ticket.

But if you use your Clipper card or the Muni mobile app, fares will remain $2.50.

Officials say the fare increase will allow Muni to keep pace with labor and other rising costs.

Golden Gate Bridge toll increase

Starting July 1, tolls are increasing if you use the Golden Gate Bridge.

The increase is as follows:

  • 2-axle vehicles: $8.35 (up from $8)
  • FasTrak users: $7.35 (up from $8)
  • Pay-As-You-Go users: $8.20 (up from $8)
  • Carpoolers: $5.35

The increase was approved by the Golden Gate Bridge Board of Directors back in March.

It will reduce a $75 million budget shortfall, officials said.

It’s part of a 5-year -plan.

By 2023, tolls for some drivers will be as high as $9.75

Golden Gate Ferry, Golden Gate Transit Bus fare increase

Golden Gate Ferry and Golden Gate Transit Bus fares also increase today.

It’s also part of a 5-year program approved in March 2017.

Marin local bus fares are not increasing.

Assembly Bill 748 requires police to release body camera footage within 45 days of an incident where an officer uses his weapon.

The law is opposed by the California Peace Officers Association.

They argue reviewing and managing the release of body camera footage will cost police departments more money.

The law does allow agencies to request monthly extensions to the 45-day deadline for up to a year.

Ammunition sales

Also today a law requiring background checks to buy ammunition in California goes into effect.

Voters approved the background checks in 2016.

Governor Gavin Newsom says it will deter gun violence and save lives.

Opponents are suing in hopes of undoing the law, saying it places an unfair burden of millions of law-abiding gun owners.

State officials expect 13.2 million checks for individual ammunition purchases each year.

Patient’s Right To Know Act

Starting July 1, medical providers will be required to notify patients before treating them if they have been placed on probation for serious professional misconduct involving harm to patients.

School meals

Beginning in the new academic year, charter schools will have to provide low-income students with one free or reduced-price meal as a result of Assembly Bill 1871.

Charter schools in California serve more than around 340,000 low-income students.

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