Juul to stop selling some fruity flavored tobacco products


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — After e-cigarette giant Juul announced it won’t sell some fruity and dessert flavored tobacco products, Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday said “good for them.”

“It’s in their business interest because otherwise their business model’s going to collapse on itself people have had enough, their furious, they’re scared to death, about these devices and I encourage them to continue down that path,” Newsom said.

Last month the governor said he wanted to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in California through executive order but found he doesn’t have the power to do that. 

Lawmakers say they will continue to move forward to ban the sale when they come back for session in January.

“It’s so critical.  So critical to the next generation, because right now we are addicting that next generation,” said Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo).

Hill is behind California’s flavor ban effort.

He notes Juul is still keeping harmful flavors on store shelves.

“What about the mint, and what about the menthol? Those are the most popular flavors among youth today,” he said.

Juul’s announcement comes weeks after the state department of health issued an advisory, urging Californians to stop vaping.

States and the federal government are taking aim at e-cigarette companies as the CDC investigates nearly 1,500 vape-related lung injuries nationwide, 33 of them fatal.

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