Kid sees explicit content on school iPad in Sonoma County


A second-grade student in Sonoma gained access to explicit content on her school-issued iPad.

Now her mother is working with the Sonoma Valley School District to make sure this doesn’t happen to any of her other classmates.

The school district student iPads were pulled from classrooms last week after a parent of a second grade student at Prestwood Elementary discovered sexually explicit adult videos on her child’s device.

The mother says she was in a parent teacher conference when it was discovered and she was numb and the teacher nearly fainted.

The Associate Superintendent of the Sonoma Valley School District, Bruce Abbott, explained how he believes this happened.

“They put in some, not great but not too risque words, like kissing, in which took them to some sites on YouTube and they’ll give you other images you can click on and they just kept clicking and clicking and clicking and got more and more risque until they saw something that was very inappropriate,” Abbott said.

Abbott says several other kids in the second-grade class also accessed the content but that’s about to change.

In addition to the filtering already on the iPads, they’re now installing an application allowing teachers to block inappropriate content at the click of a button and see all classroom screens in real time.

“We are going to be blocking YouTube and Twitter and other things that we think have the potential where a child can get to where they shouldn’t be,” Abbott said.

The student’s mother said in a statement to KRON4: “We have opened the dialogue and have a light shining on the white elephant that no one wants to speak of. It is time we all take a stand for our children, our future.”

“It’s something that shouldn’t have happened and we should’ve had a way to stop it and we are working on that,” Abbott said.

The district says students will have their iPads back after Spring Break.

The student’s mother says her daughter is still having nightmares.

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