SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The hits just keep coming for Klay Thompson. Fresh from winning his fourth NBA Championship, he’s apparently got a summer job opportunity. One day after an eventful Warriors victory parade, he received an invitation from San Francisco Bay Ferry via Twitter to come and drive a ferry boat.

“Hey @KlayThompson now that you’re done with work for a little while: open invitation to bring your captain’s hat and drive one of our ferries,” the transit service tweeted, “DMs open.”

Thompson sported a captain’s hat for Monday’s Warriors parade after a gust of wind blew his 2022 NBA Championship hat off his head while he was boating his way across SF Bay to join the parade.

“Oh no! I lost my hat!” the Warriors star said on Instagram Live as he recorded the incident.

Thompson found a passion for sailing and became a boat captain during his extended period on the sidelines after he tore his anterior cruciate ligament in 2019. Like any good boat captain, he apparently had a nautical themed hat standing by aboard ship and sported it throughout an eventful afternoon that also saw him accidentally trip and knock a woman over.