SAN JOSE (KRON) — Federal ICE agents can be in public to ask people questions, so they say it’s always important to know your rights. 

Jeremy Barousse is an immigration advocate at Siren in San Jose who is trying to get the message out to those who are concerned about the Trump administration’s immigration raids in the Bay Area and across the country.

“Know your rights, everyone has rights,” Barousse, said. “We’re reminding people not to open the door and confirm a search warrant signed by a judge.”

Acting U.S. citizenship and immigration services director Ken Cuccinelli told CNN Sunday morning ICE will not comment on the operational details of the raids, but said they’re focused on deporting criminal undocumented immigrants.

“They’ve got a court order on a piece of paper — federal order — that says they’ve gotten due process. And (there are) over a million people with removal orders. That’s the pool that ICE is drawing from.”

Meanwhile from coast to coast — protesters in New York, Berkeley and San Francisco gathered denouncing the raids since Friday. 

While immigration activists say it has been quiet and no reports of ICE raids in the Bay Area so far,the operation is creating a culture of fear.

“We’re just trying to rise above that,” Barousse said. “We’re not asking the community to panic, but to empower themselves with this knowledge about knowing their rights.”