KRON4 Hoop Session goes 1-on-1 with Warriors guard Nick Young


The KRON4 Hoop Session recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young.

Below is the transcription of the interview between Young and KRON4 Hoop Session show host Mark Carpenter.

Mark Carpenter: Swaggy P. How do you even begin to explain to someone who has no idea what that means? The mindset behind it.

Nick Young: You know, it kind of don’t need explaining. If they see me, they feel the aura and then I brief them through a little bit about it, but the energy itself just had to be known. You know, you gotta have confidence of course and being able to roll with the punches and be daring to be yourself.

MC: It’s something that you know stays with you off the court. We got to see it the other night when you had a nice pink ensemble. Explain where that came from. What kind of feedback did you get back from it?

NY: You know, I got the feedback that I actually wanted. I knew my teammates was going to crack jokes about me; everybody from the coaching staff and to the trainers. They wasn’t ready for it and exactly what I did it for you know, to set the tone you know let them know we got a bright future ahead of us you know.

MC: Who harassed you the most about it?

NY: I would say Draymond and Iguodala.

MC: What do they give you heat for more? Your wardrobe sometimes or the three point GIF. Is it non stop?

NY: It’s non stop. It depends both really. They always talk about what I’m wearing though. For the most part, but we just like to have fun. I’ve been betting Draymond a lot. We go back and forth on Instagram talking about each other.

MC: How would you characterize how your adjustment to the Bay Area has been over the last several months?

NY: I think it’s been good. It’s a lot colder than I imagined. I thought all of California was pretty hot, but it’s pretty chill out here. But the team, I think they welcomed me in with open arms. I didn’t have to adjust into being somebody I wasn’t, they embraced the Swaggy P movement.

MC: Was there a time or was there a transitional phase where you had to get used to? Maybe not taking as many shots as you did on other teams?

NY: Yeah, for sure. I knew that coming in. We have four All-Stars. I might have some nights where the ball comes my way a lot and I know I’m going to have some nights where I don’t see it at all. So, I just prepare to do what I gotta do to try and win a championship. That’s the mindset i got.

MC: Is that something that’s kind of developed throughout your career, that need, because you see so many teams going through it?

NY: Yeah, for sure and plus I get to rub it into certain people’s faces. Like how JaVale did. I seen him this summer. He had a little Maybach and he was talking trash to me. He said ‘man get your championship. You still playing on these teams, win something one time.’ And I get to talk trash to my old vets too.

MC: You’ve been on several different teams. Do you feel like you found a long term home in the Bay Area, some place you could settle for a while?

NY: I hope so you know. The Bay, it’s been fun. I love this team. I love these guys. Hopefully it turns into something more

MC: I got a couple rapid fire questions. Whatever comes to the top of your mind first. Best dressed player on the team?

NY: JaVale McGee.

MC: That’s a surprise.

NY: He’s actually the worst best dressed in the world. It’s terrible so that’s why i said that. So I’d say myself.

MC: So he’s the worst?

NY: He’s the worst.

MC: Was there a particular get up that he had that stands out to you?

NY: It’s everything. if you seen his Christmas shoes, he had Rudolph. They were like reindeer shoes with his tongue sticking out. It had the tongue on the shoe playing in the game, so he’s just been the worst.

MC: Do you think it’s because of the height?

NY: Probably. I think so. It’s hard to find stuff his size and I think they just make anything his size that he’ll just have to buy, so i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

MC: Pregame song that you have to listen to?

NY: Future. I have to listen to Future. Married to the game.

MC: If anybody was going to play you in a movie who would it be and why?

NY: Aw man, I used to say Nick Cannon when he was back in his Drumline days. But who would play me? I say Wesley Snipes. I’m more of a Blade type person. It would be like a sequel of Blade.

MC: I was about to say. Would it be more Blade or Demolition Man? It has to be Blade right? That was probably his best role.

NY: Yeah, right. For sure.

MC: Three point contest between you, Steph, Klay and KD. Who wins?

NY: Aw man. It would probably be a tie. We’ll be here all night trying to see who wins. So I call it a draw.Make sure you tune into KRON4 Hoop Session for all of your local Bay Area basketball coverage, featuring the Warriors and more. The show airs on Saturdays at 11 p.m. on KRON 4.

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