KRON4 Morning Buzz: Girl power on International Women’s Day


Today the Buzz is all about girl power because it’s International Women’s Day. 

So let’s start with the young girl who scored points with Warriors star Steph Curry to change his way. 

We’re talking about 9-year-old Riley in Napa, who wrote Steph a letter because UnderArmour didn’t offer Currys for girls. 

Steph took steps to fix that immediately and now the other shoe has dropped. 

Steph had Riley Morrison design the inside of his new Curry 6 “United We Win” shoes that are just being released today. 

She wasn’t only the inspiration for the shoe, she also did the artwork on the insole with slogans like “Be Fearless,” “Girl Power,” “Be The Change,” and more. 

Steph says he admires Riley for speaking up and that she demonstrated the power of a determined voice. 

Another inspiration young woman is Naomi Osaka — the number one tennis player in the world who captured our hearts when she tearfully accepted her first Grand Slam title after beating out her own idol, Serena Williams, at the U.S. Open. 

Osaka went on to win another Grand Slam after this. 

Now she’s being honored with her very own Barbie doll — it’s part of the “Sheroes” line which gives girls strong women to model themselves after.

By the way Barbie is now 60-years-old — she still doesn’t look a day over 19! 

Adidas is also putting the spotlight on women. 

They’re partnering with Twitter to live stream girls’ high school soccer and volleyball games and they’re also debuting a film that features female athletes. 

It’s all part of the “She Believes” campaign that aims to increase the visibility of women athletes. 

They say only 4 percent of sports media coverage in the U.S. is dedicated to women’s sports. 

The idea is if girls see more people who look like them kicking butt, they’ll say “hey, I can do it!”

Captain Marvel also debuts in theaters today. She’s Marvel’s first female superhero to get a movie of her own. 

Actress Brie Larsen says she was eager to join Marvel’s cinematic universe. 

And it’s not just enough to act like a superhero. Larsen actually had to try to be one in real life. 

In a video she’s seen pushing a 5,000-pound jeep as part of her training. 

You go, girl! 



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