KRON4 Morning Buzz: NBA wants to drop ‘one and done’ rule


Zion and Nike — this is the biggest wardrobe malfunction since Janet Jackson lost her top on stage at the Super Bowl. 

Probably because there’s never been a shoe fail on this big a stage — the Duke vs. UNC game. 

The number one prospect in the sport goes down when his foot comes down on his first possession. 

Nike’s stock fell and even if Zion’s position in the draft hasn’t fallen, now he’s out with a sprained knee. 

And the big question is — should he stop playing and be in bubble wrap until the NBA draft? 

Warriors star DeMarcus Cousins says yes. 

But he isn’t the only one who thinks the “one and done” rule should be done. 

The NBA just announced it wants to drop the rule in 2022 and let players enter the draft when they’re 18 like they used to. 

The NBA raised the age to 19 more than a decade ago to save young players from the cut-throat world of pro-sports, but people say it’s not protecting the kids, it’s hurting them, because they’re not getting anything out of college — they’re not getting paid and they’re risking getting injured. 

In the dog-eat-dog world of the NBA, it was a close one for the Warriors last night. 

They beat the Kings but it was close — by just two points! 



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