KRON4 Morning Buzz: Will KD and Draymond make nice in first game since fight?


Trending on today’s KRON4 Morning Buzz: Will KD and Draymond make nice in the first game since their big fight? Also, the dirtiest play you’ve ever seen in basketball, and how Aaron Rodgers got Danicka Patrick — maybe it can work for you. 

The Warriors are waking up in Texas to play the Rockets tonight, and everyone is going to be watching to see how Draymond and KD play together. It’ll be the first time since their argument at the game Monday that got even worse in the locker room. 

When it comes to points, Lebron James is now No. 5 on the all-time scoring list. He just passed Wilt Chamberlain, who also joined the Lakers later in his career. James finished last night’s game with 44 points to make it 31,425 in his career. 

You know who has no business being on a basketball court? The Fitchburg State Student who clocked a player out of the blue on the court. The kid he hit, a freshman from Nichols College, was able to get up and take another shot so it looks like no lasting damage. 



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